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Market Heat Map

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Portfolio Design Tool

Our Market Heat map helps you discover "Which Trend is your Friend" by demonstrating how our proprietary Momentum Algorithm provides superior results compared to other options. Owning only the Trend Leaders and avoiding the Laggars can dramatically help performance.

Know When to Hold and When to Fold. The Risk Avoidance page shows how our Bull/Bear indicator "StormGuard" helps reduce risk by exiting from equities when bear markets are detected. Getting out of Dodge unharmed involves multiple complex tests. Research shows that risk avoidance is the most proficient way to reduce risk.

Discover how AlphaDroid and The Alpha Sheet leverage Bear Market Strategies to enhance performance during bear markets. When StormGuard is triggered, strategies trade into Bear Market Strategies, strategically choosing defensive holdings from a list, of bonds, treasuries, gold, and commodities funds.

Our Advanced Portfolio Design tool allows you to create experimental portfolios that implement our momentum Algorithm, StormGuard and Bear-Market Strategies. You'll need an AlphaDroid account to trade any portfolios. Sign-Up for a Free Trial!

Three Ways to Employ These Principles

AlphaDroid is a professional portfolio management tool designed by and for investment advisors. High-performance momentum algorithms and integrated bear market strategies provide upside potential and downside defenses. Each month momentum leaders are selected from their candidate funds and trade alerts are sent. Build layered portfolios and strategy-of-strategies. Manage up to 1,000 high-performance investment models for just $699 per month. Better yet, The Alpha Sheet is included and the 30-day free trial will demonstrate its high-performance competitive value.

SectorSurfer is a momentum strategy design and trading tool service for individual investors. Each month SectorSurfer strategies select the momentum leader from among 12 candidate stocks or funds of your choice and sends trade alerts. You can keep it simple by importing one of our many ready-made momentum strategies, or take control and roll your own. Up to 30 strategies, starting at just $10 per month. Technical analysis is tough! Let our servers do the hard work while you go have a life! Try SectorSurfer for free.

The Alpha Sheet delivers 16 superior model portfolios to your inbox at each monthly rebalance that include trade signals and client-friendly charts. Plus, you'll get our weekly Sunday Snapshot illustrating recent market activity. Our low-noise momentum signals improve the selection of bull market leaders and our Dual DefenseTM indicators provide much better bear market exits. Cost conscious RIAs and Family Offices need no longer to pay the high fees of outsourced investment professionals or high AUM bps of model managers. Your bottom-line operation costs matter!